Experience how horses change lives

Helping children, adults, companies, and families to overcome the challenges of Disability, Mental Health, Relationships, and more. EFL is powerful for personal growth.

Freedom Equestrian provides a safe equine learning environment for people to grow and expand into their potential. It's inspiring and positive for all who experience it.


Friendly Facilitators

Trained to care, our facilitators make participants well safe and welcomed. Helping each participant to get the most from every moment, they love what they do.

Super Horses

Participants love forming bonds with our highly trained horses. Participants feel an amazing connection as they experience a therapeutic human-to-horse relationship.

Comfy Facilities

Spectators are always welcome. Many enjoy seeing what EFL is all about and seeing first-hand the outcomes of our equine learning programs.

First Session Free

We believe in what we do and only help those that EFL will work for. It's important that our participants, horses, and facilitators are a good fit.


Explore who can benefit and how?

Truly anyone can benefit from Equine Facilitated Learning and Horse Riding, from children to adults.

Disability (NDIS)

Our tailored Equine Facilitated Learning programs cater for a wide range of disabilities.

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Mental Health

Explore how our EFL programs can assist those challenged by different forms of Mental Health.

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Family & Relationships

EFL can help a wide range of people faced by hardships in families and relationships.

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Youth & Children

EFL is amazing with Youth and Children and our programs are no different.

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Personal Development

Self-improvement and EFL go hand in hand. There are many ways EFL can help.

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EFL can help people in business develop and improve in so many areas.

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Freedom Equestrian

Meet Our Team

Meet the Freedom Equestrian brains pioneering Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) in Australia.


Natalie Wilton

Founder & Facilitator


Facilitators Equine Assistant & Super Horse

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Why Therapeutic Horse Riding?

Why Therapeutic Horse Riding?  Ask anyone that rides horses “why they enjoy horse riding”, and most often, they can’t tell you the exact reason why.

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Infographic: An Example of an EFL Activity

Example of an EFL Session Activity at Freedom Equestrian This popular activity is introduced once basic horse handling has been grasped. There are many variations that means this activity can be adapted to people with different abilities. It’s fun, and can easily go at the participant’s pace.

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Infographic: A Typical EFL Session

What does an Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) Session with Freedom Equestrian look like?

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