Infographic: A Typical EFL Session

Equine Facilitated Learning Infographic

What does an Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) Session with Freedom Equestrian look like?

A lot of hard but rewarding work goes into every EFL session at Freedom Equestrian. Here is a quick visual of behind the scenes and the effort and hard work each Equine Facilitator puts in every session.

1. The Facilitator Plans

Based on the participant an EFL Session Plan is developed to work toward participant defined outcomes e.g. Building Confidence. Activities selected work with the horse & participant aligning with participant outcomes. This plan will take into account; observations and notes from past EFL sessions if applicable.

2. The EFL Session

After a refresher safety brief, the Facilitator conducts the session utilising the activities in the plan with the aid of the horse to give therapeutic feedback to the participant. Activities are positive and primarily focus on horsemanship but may include mounted games, obstacle courses and more. The activities and interactions with the horse are aligned with the outcomes of the session plan.

3. Post Session

With the session all done the Facilitator reports on observations and builds the next set of session plans for the participant.The cycle is repeated with each session building and strenghtening relationship between the Horse, Participant and Facilitator. Equine Facilitated Learning Sessions continually look back for growth and forward toward achieving outcomes.

and…That’s EFL at Freedom Equestrian


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