Meet Our Horses

Meet Our Horses

The Freedom Equestrian team is growing, and recently we added some new and friendly equine members to the herd. Horses that join the team go through a selection process to ensure they meet safety standards and align with Freedom Equestrian’s ability to provide consistent and capable service delivery to our diverse range of participants and programs.

Our horses come in many abilities, each having different benefits and suitability to our participant’s horse riding or Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) needs. Hence we have expanded our equine team to include different personalities, sizes and characters. It may seem obvious, but it is vitally important that each participant explore different connections with each horse, build trust, experience horses of different levels, interact with horses of different personalities, and develop a broad understanding of how they can benefit them.


Different horses have different strengths, a participant may enjoy different interactions from one horse to another. This is not so different to human relationships, we may get nurture from one relationship and fun from another. At Freedom Equestrian we can use a blend of horses during sessions but typically participants decide on a favourite and request sessions what that one horse. The goal is give the participant the opportunties but ultimately give them the decision of which horse they want to connect with. – Natalie Wilton, Founder

Let’s take a look at our equine team…



Banjo is not only a Freedom Equestrian horse but also Natalie’s personal event and showhorse. They are often seen competing from across Widebay, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast. Banjo is the most experienced of our Horse Riding & EFL horses. Banjo is a bit cheeky at times but overall a cool and calm character. He is the manager of the equine team and the “alpha” of his herd. He loves befriending participants and super-forgiving to new riders.

Some Stats:

    • 15.3 Hh (around 150 cm high)
    • Australian Stock Horse x
    • Colour: Buck Skin
    • Age: 8

Meet Hank Horse Riding Gympie


Hank loves cuddles and immediately wants to impress. Super relaxed, he makes the perfect therapeutic horse. Kids love his comical nature of trying to get away with small little naughties of stealing a hat or testing out his rather funny whinny. Hank oozes personality and can put even the most nervous participant at ease.

Some Stats:

    • 11 Hh (around 110cm high)
    • Welsh A Pony
    • Colour: Bay, white socks and forehead and a mane that Elvis would be proud of.
    • Age: 5

Bubbles (in training)

Bubbles is the smallest member of the team and a favourite amongst our youngest participants. Bubbles is still in training with Natalie and is learning to trust humans, a work in progress, he is learning quickly, and is just starting to join in with participants, he is still a tad shy however and Hank normally helps out.

Some Stats:

    • 9 Hh (around 90cm high)
    • Shetland Pony
    • Color: Grey / White
    • Age: 7

So as you can see, we have small horses right the way up to large. Each horse adapts differently to each participant, forms different relationships, but overall it’s a great team to work with.


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