What to expect from your first session?

At Freedom Equestrian, we pride ourselves on making every session memorable and creating a unique horse story for everyone.

Our tailored and relaxed experience is what makes Freedom Equestrian unique. We cater for both horse riding and on the ground activities, such as horsemanship. 

For your first session or horse riding lesson, regardless of whether it’s a free or a paid one-off, the experience doesn’t change; every effort is made for you to enjoy a human-horse connection in your own way. Behind the scenes, our team learns about your motivations and goals, tailoring future sessions with plans that often we won’t bore you with the details. Our behind the scenes approach reduces stress and pressure; unless that’s what you thrive on, then our facilitators will reveal the sessions plan.

Paperwork & Safety

Typically in the first session, before even stepping a foot in the arena, we go through a safety briefing. Our facilitators will recap before each future session just in case you forget after your first day.  It won’t take long to get a handle on basic safety when working with horses. Safety is super important, and you will find signage around our facilities as gentle reminders. Facilitators are trained in risk management, safety management and horse behaviour, so they are ahead of any potential situations before you’re likely aware. 

Horse Riding Lesson Gympie

Enter Your Noble Steed

Next, it’s time to be introduced to your equine partner. Often, the same horse will be used in sessions, unless unwell, or on holiday (yes, funny, we know, but they take holidays and sick leave). By using the same horse, you will enjoy building a bond with the horse. Our trained facilitators know how to match our horses to clients; however, you are always welcome to express “I am not feeling it”. We can switch out the horse, don’t worry; neither our team nor the horses will get offended; the experience is about you. 

Each horse is specially trained, and to ensure they are suitable for sessions, safety inspections are conducted daily. We also pride ourselves on the excellent health of our horses; a lot of effort goes into caring for our horses, and it’s evident with their shiny coats, long manes and snuggles they give clients. 

Horse Riding Gympie Freedom Equestrian

Let the fun begin

Typically, the facilitator gathers information from you about your history with horses, your goals, and what you would like to achieve while meeting the horse. It doesn’t matter if you are unsure our facilitators will start off with some basic horse care tasks like grooming or, possibly, if you’re confident in the saddle, get you away up and away. The first session is about discovery for you, the horse and the facilitator. 

Time to debrief

After all that fun, the facilitator will debrief with you about future sessions and gather feedback on your experience. The feedback then forms part of the planning for future sessions, or if you were just after a one-off lesson, then answers any questions you may have. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to create your own horse story


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