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What to expect from your first session?

At Freedom Equestrian, we pride ourselves on making every session memorable and creating a unique horse story for everyone.

Why Horses?

Why Horses?  The overall concept of using horses to improve human health (mental and physical) is nothing new. In fact, most people aren’t aware but Greek physician Hippocrates in ~400BC first pointed to the benefit of horses.

Why Therapeutic Horse Riding?

Why Therapeutic Horse Riding?  Ask anyone that rides horses “why they enjoy horse riding”, and most often, they can’t tell you the exact reason why.

Infographic: An Example of an EFL Activity

Example of an EFL Session Activity at Freedom Equestrian This popular activity is introduced once basic horse handling has been grasped.

Infographic: A Typical EFL Session

What does an Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) Session with Freedom Equestrian look like?

VIDEO: Equine Facilitated Learning

Great video that explains what EFL is. Special Strides is not affiliated with us, this video however demonstrates the concepts of EFL.

Video: TEDx – Finding our authentic self with the help of horses

Vallerie Coleman reveals how automatic, thoughtless responses to commonplace social greetings can create distance from our authentic self and from others.

Video: TEDx – Wisdom of the herd

Looking through the eyes of a horse changes your consciousness, it changes as it were in a “we” consciousness and immediately gives other information.