Fee Schedule

Our Fee Schedule

Fees are charged at the same rate across all our programs. 

Introductory Session

  • Choose between EFL or Therapeutic Horse Riding
  • 1 Hr Full Session
Decide which best suits you

After an introductory session you can choose between Therapeutic Horse Riding or EFL.

Therapeutic Horse Riding

  • 1 Hr 1-on-1 Session
  • Post-Session Observation Reports
  • Quarterly NDIS Reports Included (if Applicable)


  • 1 Hr 1-on-1 Session
  • Post-Session Observation Reports
  • Quarterly NDIS Reports Included (if applicable)

I can't commit, do you do one-off lessons?

Yes, we certainly do. One-off lessons are 1 hour long and are charged at $70. Additional hours can be added, please contact us for extended bookings.

What is the difference between Therapeutic Horse Riding & EFL?

The primary difference is structure and activities. Therapeutic Horse Riding generally follows a less structured session and focuses primarily on horsemanship and leisurely riding.

On the other hand, Equine Facilitated Learning is typically (subject to the participant’s goals) conducted in a structured approach that uses learning activities both on the ground and mounted. EFL activities are one of the most obvious differences; for example, an activity might be creating an obstacle course and learning to guide a horse through it. EFL activities are used to give feedback and learnings to the participant. The observations are reported on for the development of the next session, hence progressing the participant toward a goal. In EFL, the facilitator takes goals, develops a session plan, and conducts activities toward those goals. This isn’t done in Therapeutic horseback riding.

Additionally, In Therapeutic horseback riding, we don’t typically use reflection and observation unlike in an EFL session. We offer both Therapeutic Horse Riding and EFL because while both experiences overlap somewhat, they offer different outcomes, allowing our facilitators to be flexible in delivering different outcomes to each participant. For example, Participant A may look to work on a particular skill such as communication and anger management, then EFL will benefit. Participant B, however, enjoys horse riding, isn’t looking for structure, but rather wants to enjoy learning to ride and the mind-clearing benefits of horse riding. Then participant B would benefit more from Therapeutic Horseback Riding.

Please talk with our facilitators if you are unsure or ultimately book a session. Our facilitators will help you determine if EFL or therapeutic horse riding suitability during the first free session.

Why a Free Introductory Session?

To truly access if horses are for participants they need to experience it, and it may not be suitable for all participants, which is fine. Our Free Introductory Session means the Participant, Plan Manager/Referrer (if applicable), Guardian, and the Facilitator can review if Equine Facilitated Learning or Therapeutic Horse Riding will achieve meaningful outcomes and goals. There is no cost in trying it out.

Ethical NDIS Pricing

Our pricing is the same regardless if you have NDIS funding or not. That’s how it should be.